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terms of use

  • Hours:

    Our Transfer Station is open to the public Monday through Friday 7:00AM - 3:00PM. Latest weigh-in is at 2:30.

    P: 610 759-8018 (Scalehouse only)

    East Penn Sanitation, Inc.'s Environmental Policy

    The environmental policy states East Penn Sanitations' overall intentions and direction related to its environmental performance as formally expressed by top management. The environmental policy provides a framework for action and for the setting of environmental objectives, environmental targets and metrics. The EPS environmental policy is:

    • EPS is committed to
    • 1. compliance with all applicable environmental legal and other requirements,
    • 2. accurate accounting of solid waste and recyclable materials
    • 3. the proper identification of waste and recyclable materials throughout the site,
    • 4. effective internal and external reporting of solid waste and recyclable materials
    • 5. efficient and economic use and reuse of natural resources
    • 6. continual improvement of operations and the management system,
    • 7. continual improvement of employee performance
    • 8. prevention of pollution,
    • 9. profitable management of all activities.

Transfer Station?

  • What is a Transfer Station?

    East Penn Sanitation, Inc is also a Pennsylvania DEP permitted transfer station open to the public for easy and convenient trash disposal. PA DEP Permit #101358.

    Key Transfer Station Services:

    • A convenient and affordable place to dispose of various wastes
    • Recycling of assorted materials available
    • Dumping area is inside and under-roof for easy in and out. No landfill mess!
    • Paved roads to minimize dirt and dust on your vehicle
    • Reasonable rates
    • Personal safety equipment for sale on site

  • Transfer Station Guidelines

    Safety is important to all of us. When visiting and making use of the East Penn Transfer Station, please follow the following guidelines below:

    • Personal Protective Equipment is required for everyone unloading in the Transfer Station.
    • High visibility clothing (orange, green safety vests, shirts, etc) must be worn
    • Proper footwear (hard soled boots or shoes) is required
    • Wearing a hard hat is required in the Transfer Station.East Penn Sanitation Safety
    • Safety glasses/goggles are to be worn in the Transfer Station area.

  • Rules of the Road:

    • Site speed limit is 5 mph. Obey all posted safety and traffic signs.
    • Follow a left handed traffic pattern.
    • Stop at all stop signs. Heavy Equipment has the right of way.
    • Pay particular attention to the incoming scale.
    • There are radiation detectors in place. If they are triggered, you must stop immediately. The scaleperson will direct you.


    • No one under 16 years old is permitted in the Transfer Station.
    • No one is permitted outside of the vehicle in the active Transfer Area.
    • Any and all accidents must be reported to the Supervisor immediately and an incident report must be completed.
    • Reckless/negligent behavior shall be the cause for banning from the site.
    • Radio, tape or CD headphones are prohibited from being worn on the site. Use of cell phones in the active Transfer Station area is prohibited.
    • All customers must adhere to EPS personnel requests pertaining to safety, dumping, weighing, returning to vehicles, etc.
    • Customers triggering the radiation monitoring devices will be charged with the expense.
    • Telephones and 2 way radios are available throughout the site. Familiarize yourselves with their locations. Contact the office should immediate attention be necessary: (610)759-6398
    • All incoming vehicles must abide by emergency instructions given by EPS representative.
    • No roadway may be blocked with any vehicle or material that would interfere with the passage of emergency vehicles.
    • Stay with your vehicle at all times.

The following materials are not permitted for disposal at the transfer station: "Tires, batteries, electronics , liquids, paints, varnishes, flammables/combustibles, sludges, asbestos or fuel contaminated wastes (unless pre-approved), unidentified wastes or drums. THE CUSTOMER WILL BE WHOLLY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY AND ALL DAMAGE AND OR FINES INCURRRED BY THESE MATERIALS DUMPED AT THIS FACILITY. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!